Where to Find Online Photography Training

The internet is a great source of photography tutorials and training courses.

I’ve even written a couple of tutorials myself, which you can find on one of my other websites:  janebwebsitehelp.co.uk/photography-basics-aperture/

and janebwebsitehelp.co.uk/photography-basics-shutter-speed/

Here are a few more suggested places that I’d recommend to help you learn photography:


I’ve spent many hours watching online workshops from CreativeLive. These are free if you are able to view them as they are being broadcast, although it’s easier to follow if you purchase a course so that you can watch it in your own time.

There is also a handful of free, on demand, classes available.

Photography Concentrate

Photography Concentrate is an educational website which sells photography courses but also has some free articles, including their free “How to Photograph Life” course.

Craft & Vision

David duChemin’s site has a range of e-books and magazines and some of them are free.


Wex is a UK camera shop with a YouTube channel that includes photography tutorials.


The ReDefine show is sponsored by Adorama, and features family portrait photographer Tamara Lackey interviewing a number of photographers.

The Big Photo Ezine

This is a free, online magazine from The Photograph Academy.

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